I’m speaking at the University of Utah this Monday

I’ll be speaking at the University of Utah this Monday, September 22nd, noon-1:30pm in the Collegiate Room in the Student Union. The title is “Free Speech, Free Software, Free Culture: The Movement for Cultural Participation”. (I’m always torn as to whether to title my talk something witty/silly, or to try to be serious and official-sounding, but I usually go with the latter because different people have different senses of humor and I don’t want someone to skip my talk because my attempts at humor on the advertisements didn’t agree with them.) I’ll also be giving a talk to some librarians beforehand about the Diebold case etc., and afterwards I’ll be doing a “how to start a chapter” workshop with the brand new Students for Free Culture chapter which is starting up there. Monday will be a busy day ^_^

If anyone is in Salt Lake City on Monday night, I’d be interested in meeting up for dinner… just leave a comment or drop me a line. And naturally, if you attend the University of Utah, please come to my talk!

UPDATE: Apparently my talk is only open to invited guests, perhaps because they are serving lunch. If you want to attend, please contact me so I can put you on the invited list.


Is anyone else on Identi.ca? It’s an open source, decentralized Twitter-like microblogging project, and it is pretty awesome. Among other things, you can post to it using a Jabber account such as Gtalk or LJ Talk, and it can send you your friends’ updates over Jabber as well. (I understand this functionality has been broken/disabled on Twitter for a while.) Anyone can install their own version of the software driving it, called Laconica, and friend people on other Laconica services (such as Identi.ca itself).

If you want to follow my posts or “dents”, just subscribe to skyfaller on identi.ca or use the RSS feed you can find on that page.

Hope to see you all there!