Dish draining closet – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Dish draining closet – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

From, originally posted by Dustin Boyer.

Why the heck hasn’t the dish draining closet caught on here? It makes so much sense. Is just that you can’t store as many dishes in a dish draining closet as you can when they are dried and tightly stacked? If so, does that mean people have too many dishes?

How to sue a corporation

Recently a friend of a friend asked to be put in touch with me, saying:

I’ve been trying to think of ways to raise money so I can purchase land, and I thought of your friend from (highschool?) who sued a few large corporations on his own.

I’m thinking about filing a lawsuit against large herbicide/pesticide companies (Monsanto)… I would use the settlement funds to reclaim land, and restore ecosystems.

This isn’t the first time that I’ve been approached by people who wanted to sue a corporation just like I did. Therefore I wrote a long, detailed reply, and I am publishing it here so that everyone hankering to sue a corporation can “benefit” from my experience. Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer (yet) and this is not legal advice.

With no further ado:

Nelson’s guide to suing a corporation