I’m an entrepreneur now!

I have received funding to build a startup this summer with my friends Asheesh Laroia and Raphael Krut-Landau, who I know from our work together with Students for Free Culture. The funding is from [UPDATE: whoops our funder is currently secret, can’t tell the internet who it is yet].

We will be moving to Atlanta for the summer as part of their startup accelerator program starting May 18th, so if you are in Atlanta or know people there, please drop me a line, and maybe we can hang out 🙂

The startup will be closely related to free culture issues, specifically free / open source software. I don’t want to say too much publicly about the startup until our company is ready for the attention and makes some official announcements, but if you want to know more feel free to contact me privately and I can tell you about it. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: OK, you know what, for my loyal readers I’ll drop another hint. The startup is loosely based on this idea I posted about a few years ago, although it has evolved a lot since then. Once again, talk to me privately for more details.