Going to California, then Boston

Flyer for my talk at ScrippsThanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday on IM and Facebook: I love you all! I was considering throwing a full-fledged birthday party today, but I was worn out from last week at school, so I just got together with a few friends from my hometown and played Scrabble and Risk. Gosh, I’m 22… my age is a palindrome.

Anyway, I will be in California in the LA – Claremont area this week, doing free culture stuff and visiting friends. I arrive on Sunday afternoon (today!) and depart for NJ on Saturday morning, so if you’re in the area and you want to see me, now’s the time to do it! I’m considering going to check the urban farm that is in danger of being paved over to build a warehouse, and also going to see the Electric 6, so there should be plenty of fun to go around ^_^

I will be speaking on Thursday, March 9 at 8:30pm at Scripps College in Humanities 101. (See the flyer.) I went out and bought a wireless presentation mousy-clicker thing for this talk, so it’ll be a little extra smooth and sexy. Do come!

Also, if you’re in the Boston area, I’ll be speaking at Northeastern University on Thursday, March 23rd, with Danny O’Brien and Lawrence Lessig, 11:30-2:30pm in 450 Dodge Hall. See the pretty yet bizarre poster: Free Culture event at Northeastern

UPDATE: The event is indeed free and open to the public. Also, Danny has been replaced by Derek Slater, and while I will miss Danny’s British accent I’ll be glad to see Derek again ^_^ Here’s an updated poster: Poster for my Northeastern gig