More Web 2.0 madness

I’ve decided to test out Plazes (see my location)… I’ve determined that it is only useful if you travel frequently with your laptop to places with multiple wireless networks. It is more or less useless on Swarthmore’s campus, b/c there are only 3 wifi networks that I use regularly: (1) the dorm network (2) SwatWireless and (3) War News Radio. Therefore you can’t really tell where I am on campus using Plazes. Facebook actually does a better job of determining your location, I think… but I’m not sure b/c I haven’t tested Plazes in dorms other than my own, maybe Plazes can tell the dorms apart as well.

I’ve also signed up for The Black Stripe (my profile), although I haven’t actually uploaded anything yet… I’m curious to see if it develops any useful features that Flickr lacks.

Also, Democracy Player (formerly DTV) just reached version 0.8 and is now available for Windows, definitely worth the download!

Finally, Flock just got a major update to 0.5.11 which means that it is based on the Firefox 1.5 codebase now and is much less buggy… I have to put it through its paces at some point, but Flickr integration has improved dramatically and it now has a (not so useful?) Yahoo maps topbar.